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Dec 5, 2015



The Lecture slides up to Lecture 1 are in this repository. Just click on the Lectures Folder.

##Lab 1

The git lab can be read here.

##HW 0

You can read it here.

The repository is at:

Switch to branch hw0.

You will not be able to access the above link if you have not been added to the cs109-students github organization. For this to happen, you must have submitted the survey, and it will take a bit of time for us to get to your github id after that.

For this reason, we have included HW0 in the lab link above.

At that point, homework repositories will be created for you.

##Initial Workflow

  • read hw 0, and do the survey and installations
  • then read the git lab in lab 1 linked from within.
  • read the git flows at the end of both these documents
  • now clone the lab repository. (workflow is in the README and at the end of hw 0)
  • Run the hw0.ipynb file, installing additional python libraries
  • run all the lab notebooks, including the git notebook, to get familiar with python, pandas and git

By this point you should have a cs109-students/githubuserid-2015hw repository, - which you should clone, and carry out the homework flow on. (homework flow is in the README for and at the end of hw0.ipynb ( and (


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