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When you follow along, you can add in your own notes, and try your own variations. As you are doing this, dont forget to continue doing the "add/commit/push" cycle, so that you save and version your changes, and push them to your fork. This typically looks like: - git add . - git commit -a - git push

In case we make changes, you can incorporate them into your repo by doing: git fetch course; git checkout course/master -- labname_original.ipynb where labname.ipynb is the lab in question. An "add/commit/push" cycle will make sure these changes go into your fork as well. If you intend to work on the changed file, simply copy the file to another one and work on it. Or you could make a new branch. Remember that this fork is YOUR repository, and you can do to it what you like.


Lab for Linear and Logistic Regression, SciKit Learn



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