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CSCI 1302 Class Exercises


Learning computer science takes much more than pure memorization. Learning how to think like a computer scientist is a time consuming process, with the key word being "process". It requires active, engaged participation and questioning both in and out of class. To aid in this journey, the instructors of this course will provide you with many opportunities to learn the material through guided readings, active class exercises, and comprehensive project assignments, however, in the end you will have to do all of the hard work of actually learning that material. This is not self teaching; instead, it is guided active learning.

Exercise List

  1. cs1302-ce00 Review Exercise
  2. cs1302-ce01 Unix Commands
  3. cs1302-ce02 Command Line Compilation and Packages
  4. cs1302-ce03 Multiuser System Fun Times
  5. cs1302-ce04 From Exceptional to Enhanced Cat
  6. cs1302-ce05 API Documentation with Javadoc
  7. cs1302-ce06 Interfaces (ADTs)
  8. cs1302-ce07 Evolving an Interface
  9. cs1302-ce08 A Great Inheritance
  10. cs1302-ce09 More Shapes
  11. cs1302-ce10 Hierarchy Refactoring
  12. cs1302-ce11 Lovable Linked Lists
  13. cs1302-ce12 Subsumption Trade-offs
  14. cs1302-ce13 Java Generics
  15. cs1302-ce14 Genericize is a Real Word
  16. cs1302-ce15 Genericize is Still a Real Word
  17. cs1302-ce16 Gnarly to the Max
  18. cs1302-ce17 Generic Method Implementation
  19. cs1302-ce18 Generic Method Implementation
  20. cs1302-ce19 ImageApp
  21. cs1302-ce20 Fancy ImageApp
  22. cs1302-ce21 Fun with Components and Containers
  23. cs1302-ce22 Loading...
  24. cs1302-ce23 Java Stream API
  25. cs1302-ce24 Recursive Problems
  26. cs1302-ce25 Applications of Recursion
  27. cs1302-ce26 Tic-Tac-Toe Solver
  28. cs1302-ce27 Paired Sorting Algorithm Analysis
  29. cs1302-ce28 More Paired Sorting Algorithm Analysis
  30. cs1302-ce29 Complexity Classes
  31. cs1302-ce30 Social Network Graph Analytics
  32. cs1302-ce31 More Social Network Graph Analytics
  33. cs1302-ce32 Stream / Recursion Practice

How to Prepare

The best way to prepare for the class exercises is to actively engage with the reading quizzes, and the best way to prepare for the reading quizzes is to actively engage with the reading. This means that you should actually try the things that you're reading about (e.g., commands, code, etc.), take notes as needed, and ask questions when things are unclear. To get the most out of a reading, you should do this even if the reading is not directly presented as a tutorial. Merely reading the words to prepare is rarely sufficient and is widely considered the least effective way to prepare.

Publication History

DOI Tag Date Description
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License: CC BY-NC 4.0 DOI

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