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Website that analyses user's online presence and creates representations of their digital interaction
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Digital Mirror

Team Names

Overview of Project

Our project will act as a "digital mirror" to examine and analyse a user's online presence through their interaction with various popular websites. We will use multiple APIs to disect the information a user produces and consumes. From this we will create a profile

Topic Requirements

We plan to use MongoDB for data storage and management.

We will also use Authentication and Password hashing.

We will likely have copious iteraction with 3rd Party APIs.


  • Track sentiment analysis from online presence
  • Allow users to construct a comprehensive review and analysis of their own online interactions
  • Spotify, reddit, facebook, twitter, instagram, weather, ...
  • Track feelings over time and create analysis of interaction and presence
  • Use natural language model to determine sentiment
  • "Digital Mirror" (Definitely not related to Black Mirror...)
  • Encourages people to be more mindful of online presence and what they consume
  • Transparency: Doing it for benefit of user, not to collect and sell their data.
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