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This is submit50, CS50's command-line tool for submitting problems.
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LANGUAGE=es submit50 problem


Adding a new language

  1. First, ensure that babel is installed and that submit50 is installed in development mode:

     pip install babel
     pip install -e .
  2. Generate the translation template:

     python extract_messages
  3. Generate the .po file for the desired language:

     python init_catalog -l <LANG>

    where <LANG> is the code of the language you want to translate (e.g., es for Spanish, en for English, etc.)

  4. Then, add the translations to the newly created submit50/locale/<LANG>/LC_MESSAGES/submit50.po

  5. Finally, compile the new translations:

     python compile_catalog

    and test them:

     LANGUAGE=<LANG> submit50 <PROBLEM>

Updating an existing language

Follow the steps described in the above section, but instead of running python init_catalog -l <LANG>, run python update_catalog -l <LANG>.

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