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Templates and Packages to rapidly bootstrap Caliburn Micro + IOC + MahApps.Metro applications in WPF
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Templates and Packages to rapidly bootstrap Caliburn.Micro + IOC(undetermined container) + MahApps.Metro applications in WPF.

This will likely result in a separate navigation project but for now this will be a part of the solution. An extension of this may be to remove the dependancy on MahApps.Metro for a caliburn-specific rapid new project creation.

Intended Nuget Package Features

  • include caliburn.micro package
  • include caliburn.micro container package (or bootstrap with another container)
  • include mahapps.metro package
  • include a bootstrapper pre wired up for above packages
  • include a metrowindow shell view/view model pair of files
  • include mainpage view and viewmodel contained in metrowindow shell
  • include navigation for single page application (break this out into a navigation package if complex enough, make it stand alone or caliburn specific)
  • script to modify the app.xaml class with Caliburn.Micro required components
  • script the removal of the default window.xaml file if applicable (ie, is still file new project default code)

Completed Features

  • Built mock sample of a project this could result in.
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