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#function to chunk a text (chr-vector) takes a char-vector and
# an integer as parameters and returns a dataframe
# most parts of the code is taken from Jokers, Text Analysis p. 141
makeFlexTextChunks <- function(text.v, chunk.size=150){
text.v <- paste(text.v, collapse = " ") #convert text vector to a single string
text.words.v <- strsplit(text.v, "\\W") #split the string on non word characters - returns a list
text.words.v <- unlist(text.words.v) #unlist the text.words.v.
text.words.v <- text.words.v[which(text.words.v!="")] #remove blanks
x <- seq_along(text.words.v)
chunks.l <- split(text.words.v, ceiling(x/chunk.size))
#deal with small chunks at the end
if(length(chunks.l[[length(chunks.l)]]) <=
chunks.l[[length(chunks.l)-1]] <-
chunks.l[[length(chunks.l)]] <- NULL
chunks.l <- lapply(chunks.l, paste, collapse=" ")
chunks.df <-, chunks.l)