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MIT 6.470 Development VM

Step-by-step instructions for building and using the VM image given out to MIT 6.470 students.

Using the VM image

If you downloaded the MIT 6.470 development VM image and want to learn how to set up your computer to use it efficiently, go to the using/ directory.

Building the VM image

The building/ directory contains the exact steps that we used to build the MIT 6.470 development VM. You can use the information there to learn how to set up your own server (the steps are largely the same), or to debug our setup process and contribute patches.


If you run into problems while using the MIT 6.470 development VM, please open a issue on the project's GitHub page. This helps us address your problem as quickly as possible, and might help other people running into the same problem.

Please do not use other avenues such as Stack Overflow or Twitter to ask questions. Most importantly, please do not e-mail the MIT 6.470 staff directly.


We welcome outside contributions to make this documentation project clearer and more complete.

Please submit your pattches as Pull Requests to this project's GitHub repository. The Edit buttons on GitHub are an easy and convenient way to make Pull Requests without having to learn git.

We will always use your commits to give you proper attribution for your contribution.

By submitting pull requests to this project you assign the copyright of your contribution to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Copyright (c) 2012 Massachusetts Institute of Technology. See LICENSE.txt for further details.