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+Instantly deploy open source application into the [AppHarbor]( cloud platform.
+To see it in action, visit and sign in with your AppHarbor account.
+##Making your app available?
+It's simple, fork Appharbify, edit [Apps.json]( and send me a pull request.
+Here is an example of what you need to add
+ 'key': 'a unique key for your app',
+ 'name': 'a friendly, short, name for your app',
+ 'description': 'a longer description of your app',
+ 'project_url': 'link to the project homepage',
+ 'download_url': 'link to gzipped tarball of source to be deployed, github helpfully provides these',
+ 'addons': ['an', 'array', 'of', 'addons', 'to', 'install'],
+ 'enableFileSystem': true/false // Controls whether to enable file system access on AppHarbor
+*For a list of supported addons see [Addons.cs](*
+Grab me on twitter [@csainty](, follow my [blog]( or track me down somewhere on [JabbR](

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