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Instantly deploy and configure open source applications into the AppHarbor cloud platform.

To see it in action, visit and sign in with your AppHarbor account.

##Want to make your app available? It's simple, fork AppHarbify, edit Apps.json and send me a pull request.

Here is an example of what you need to add

  'key': 'a unique key for your app - url safe',  
  'name': 'a friendly, short, name for your app',  
  'description': 'a longer description of your app',  
  'project_url': 'link to the project homepage',  
  'download_url': 'link to gzipped tarball of source to be deployed, github helpfully provides these',  
  'addons': ['an', 'array', 'of', 'add-ons', 'to', 'install'],  
  'variables': {
    'variable_name': 'variable description',
    'second_variable': 'description'  
    // A hash of variables that the user can configure. These are injected into web.config/appSettings
  'enableFileSystem': true/false  // Controls whether to enable file system access on AppHarbor  

For a list of supported add-ons see Addons.json

##Testing To test your applications or site changes you will need to create an oAuth client at and enter the client id and secret into your copy of web.config. You can also specify the callback url in web.config if you need to run on a specific port.

##Contact Grab me on twitter @csainty, follow my blog or track me down somewhere on JabbR.