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The easiest way to use Glimpse.RavenDb on your own website is to grab the package from NuGet at

Once installed, you have two options to configure Glimpse.RavenDb.


After creating and initializing your DocumentStore instance, you need to pass a reference to the profiler.
You can also provide a list of fields to have removed from your documents when passed to Glimpse. This is a good idea if you have passwords or other sensitive information in your documents.

Glimpse.RavenDb.Profiler.HideFields("PasswordHash", "PasswordSalt");


Alternatively you can configure Glimpse.RavenDb by adding the following entries to your Web.Config file. Glimpse.RavenDb.DocumentStoreApplicationKey is the key into the Application dictionary where you are storing your DocumentStore instance (the usual practice for holding onto a reference).

<add key="Glimpse.RavenDb.DocumentStoreApplicationKey" value="MyDocStore" />
<add key="Glimpse.RavenDb.HiddenFields" value="PasswordHash,PasswordSalt" />