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Domino rack
Equipment holder
Fishtank corner brackets
Settlers of Catan


3D Printing Designs

Things I've made for projects, to help out around the house, or just for fun.

Domino Rack

My family likes playing dominos but standing them on edge to keep them private isn't easy for everyone. This two-tiered rack holds 14 1" x 2" dominos. View on Thingiverse

Equipment Holder

An equipment holding bracket for my 29g aquarium. View on Thingiverse

Fishtank corner brackets

An improved version of the Equipment Holder, these are brackets which fit snugly onto the corners of a 29g aquarium. View on Thingiverse

Settlers of Catan

A basic drop-in replacement for the flimsy ocean borders that come with the Settlers of Catan base game and its 5-6 player expansion. View on Thingiverse