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##Ionic templates for MobileFirst Platform Foundation (MFP)


  • Download the Ionic templates for MFP
$ git clone

How to use

  • Create a Cordova App using one of the templates (blank, tabs, sidemenu) and run npm install
  • MFP cordova create can take more arguments, must specify at least one platform ios or android (mfp help cordova create for more info)
$ mfp cordova create myapp -p ios,android -t ~/Downlaods/mfp-ionic-templates-master/tabs
$ cd myapp
$ npm install

or in one single command (Linux, Mac)

$ APP=myapp; mfp cordova create ${APP} -p ios,android -t ~/Downlaods/mfp-ionic-templates-master/tabs && cd ${APP} && npm install

How to use the MFP CLI

  • Use mfp cli to add additional platforms and plugins
$ mfp cordova platform add 
$ mfp cordova platform add android
$ mfp cordova plugin add 
$ mfp cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-mfp-jsonstore
$ mfp cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-mfp-push
  • Use mfp cli to emulate and run
$ mfp cordova emulate
$ mfp cordova emulate -p ios
$ mfp cordova run
$ mfp cordova run -p android

Ignore if the emulate or run command prints something starting with "Error:" and ending with "console.log", It's not a real error just info from ios-sim into stderr

  • Use ionic cli for other cordova actions *
$ ionic serve
$ ionic serve --lab --livereload
$ ionic prepare
$ ionic build

*Note: --livereload for ionic emulate and ionic run don't work with MFP plugin (hoping this works in some time in the future :-) )

  • To Preview using MobileFirst Browser Simulator (Cordova Emulation) or Simple Browser you need a local development Server with a backend running
$ cd ../
$ mfp create backend
$ cd backend
$ mfp start
$ cd ../myapp/
$ mfp cordova preview
  • Push the app to a remote server like the one in Bluemix Containers (Docker)
$ mfp server add
$ mfp push <servername>
$ mfp console <servername>


Picture of screenshot of Mobile Browser Simulator running Ionic App


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Ionic Templates for MobileFirst Platform Foundation




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