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This is an 'enhanced' version/example application of the popular Authlogic gem running on Rails 3.0.
-== Added Features
+Added Features
* Forgot password
* Email activation
-== Upcoming Features
+Upcoming Features
* Captcha support (login + registration)
* SMS registration support
-== Original Readme
+Original Readme
It uses the email to login, you could also use a login field, if you like. I use a custom email validator (blatantly stolen from Ryan Bates) to validate email formats.
It also includes RSpec tests for the Authlogic controller.
-To run the app:
-bundle install
-rake db:migrate
-rails s
-open http://localhost:3000/users/new
+ To run the app:
+ bundle install
+ rake db:migrate
+ rails s
+ open http://localhost:3000/users/new
The root directory redirects to the login page.
-To run the tests:
-bundle install
-rake db:migrate
-rake db:test:prepare
+ To run the tests:
+ bundle install
+ rake db:migrate
+ rake db:test:prepare
+ rake
You can also run autotest for continual testing.
@@ -39,5 +45,6 @@ I am using this because I got a "to_key" error with the official repo.
-== Helpful links
+Helpful links

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