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BFS (Bundesamt für Statistik - Swiss Federal Statistics Office) Linked Data


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BFS Linked Data

Scripts and additional data to realize the dataspace.

The workflow is as follows:

  • Retrieve the data from source
  • The remaining scripts depend on the SDMX-ML to RDF/XML transformation using Linked SDMX. See also documentation at Linked SDMX Data.
  • Create N-Triples files for importing to respective named graphs in RDF store
  • Import N-triples as well as other enrichments to Jena TDB
  • Create statistics using LODStats
  • Create a VoID file (includes LODStats) and import into RDF Store
  • Create data dumps
  • Import additional metadata to RDF store
  • Create post-processing metadata (includes VoID and PROV-O Activities)
  • Run TDB Optimizer

The additional data included contains the following:

  • Interlinks to other datasets
  • Vocabulary alignment and other enrichments
  • Post-processing metadata


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