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@@ -111,10 +111,11 @@ <h2 id="about-datasets">About the datasets</h2>
<p>Data is only altered by removing white-space at the start and end of text content. Some of the dates in the data are transformed into IS0 8601 format. I will expand more on this stuff at a later date. Generally, what you probably need to know is that, only some of the data is normalized.</p>
<h2 id="data-modeling">Data modeling</h2>
- <p>The dataset is interlinked (~560 links) with <a href="">DBpedia</a> and <a href="">Eurostat</a> using <a href="">LIMES</a>.</p>
<p>The data herein is primarily composed of observations (e.g., development indicators, financial loans, climate for a countries) using the RDF Data Cube vocabulary. There are also code lists for classifications like countries, currencies, projects, loan numbers, global circulation models and so on.</p>
+ <h3 id="data-interlinking">Data interlinking</h3>
+ <p>The dataset is interlinked (~560 links) with <a href="">DBpedia</a> and <a href="">Eurostat</a> for countries using <a href="">LIMES</a>.</p>
<h3 id="vocabularies">Vocabularies</h3>
<p>Besides RDF, RDFs, XSD, OWL, here are some of the most common vocabularies in these datasets: <a href="">RDF Data Cube</a>, <a href="">SDMX</a>, British reference periods (<a href="">Year</a>, <a href="">Gregorian Interval</a>), <a href="">SKOS</a>, <a href="">DC Terms</a>, and World Bank Linked Data properties, and classifications.</p>
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