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All the nice stem activities and lessons I know
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Live "Coding" A Robot

An activity for kids age 6-10 with a broad range of coding experience (none -- Scratch). Children use a limited instruction set to "control" their friends (who are the "Robots.") They get the Robots to perform tasks like walk across the room, introduce themselves, and do a dance.


Time: 45-90 Minutes Age: 6-12 Materials: Very little; optional notecards

CS principles:

  • Interfaces and Instructions
  • Syntax (if you want to go that route)
  • Functions and Parameterization
  • Teamwork and Collaboration

Python Arrays

** 100% of the credit to this goes to Adam Piel, who is an utterly spectacular friend and teacher!**
Excellent intro to python using arrays. Find any online python compiler/sandbox (I use this) and send them off. Great for kids without any coding experience or with experience only using scratch or another visual language


Time: 30 Minutes Age: 10-14 Materials: 1 computer per student

CS Principles:

  • Coding basics
  • Arrays and iterators
  • Loops
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