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Capacity and altitude sensor für Spektrum telemetry
Eagle C C++ Assembly
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See the project blog here!

This is a small project for a XMEGA based sensor for the Spektrum-RC telemetry system. spektrum Sensor Prototype

The sensor is based on the flowing components:

  • Atmel XMEGA32E5
  • Allegro ACS758LCB-100U hall effect current sensor
  • Bosch BMP180 pressure sensor (planned)

The firmware was developed in C using Atmel Studio 6 and the Atmel ASF framework.

Note: The Spektrum RC TM1000 telemetry modul, a DSMX receiver with data port and a 
transmitter with telemetry functions are required to use the sensor. Not all Spektrum RC telemetry able
transmitters support all sensors. I use a DX9 for testing.

Basic functions

The sensor measures 25 times a second the actual current, voltage and pressure. From this it calculates the used capacity, hight and climb rate.

  • Show used capacity of main battery
  • Show actual current of main battery
  • Show actual voltage of main battery
  • Show altitude
  • Programmable via on button (change the battery capacity)

Planned functions

  • Show climb rate
  • Show cell voltages of main battery

Project Structure

  • firmware (compiled firmware for XMEGA)
  • flight_logs (from Spektrum transmitter)
  • hardware (Eagle PCB files)
  • pictures (photos)
  • project (Atmel Studio, make files, etc.)
  • src (C sources)


2014-10-28: Initial upload with REV_A board layout

  • Please note that REV_A is the initial prototype and has several bugs

2014-11-02: Added support for RealtimePlotter and arduplot

Two two great serial monitors based on Processing ( Please see and see

2015-01-19: Added support for the REV_B board

This includes the smaller board, BMP180 altitude measurement, setup button, self calibration.

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