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Project: Rebirth of Legends

## # Welcome to the Team4 wiki!

Dev Team: Alleluya, Jack, Richard (Scott Has dropped the team unfortunately)

The project "Rebirth of Legends" is a RPG game designed using java and the java swing GUI interface to be played on Windows, Macs, and Linux machines. It is intended to be a refreshing "pick up and go" type of game with a refreshing battle system where you win based on how fast your reaction can be, how fast you type, and how accurate you are. We are currently on our second release of the game. We're hoping, as a team, to make this a fun experience both developing and playing.

  • For more information on changes regarding releases, please refer to the "Release" page.

  • For an overview of the game, please refer to the "Game Outline" Page.

  • For detailed notes on which team member was in charge of which part of the project, please refer to each release's designated pages.