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Gem to access the API with a Ruby Gem.

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This is a Ruby Gem to access the API. It was extracted from the Source Code and was written by Crispin Schäffler


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'binarybeast'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install binarybeast


@tourney =

there are several options you can use when creating a tourney:

:title => String
:description => String
:public => Integer
:game_code => String
:type_id => Integer
:elimination => Integer
:team_mode => Integer
:group_count => Integer
:teams_from_group => Integer
:location => String
:max_teams => Integer
:replay_uploads => Integer
:replay_downloads => Integer
:auto_start => Integer
:return_data => Integer

however, only :title => String is required for creating a new tourney object.

Create a new Tournament on BinaryBeast

@tourney = => "Test Tournament", :description => "This comes from a ruby gem accessing your api.")

Fetching a existing Tournament from BinaryBeast

@tourney = Binarybeast::Tournament.load(:id => "xSC21212194")

Current implemented Functions

This is a pre release of the gem soon to be. Current functions include


more to come soon....

Some stuff you should know

Eigenclass: Tourney

There is an eigenclass of the Tourney Class. Functions are


:force => true

The BinaryBeast API sends back JSON from every request. However, if you use this gem we catch the JSON Data and proccess it. If you want to have a direct response from the API you can go with something like this:

@tourney = => "Test")
response = @tourney.create(:force => true)

the :force => true tells the function to give you the callback from the binarybeast directly. The response is now a parsed hash, so this will work

=> 200

the :force options is currently available to almost every function, the exception is since this creates the ruby object and does not do an API Call.


Version: 0.1.5.pre

  • Added list to eigenclass. It lists tourneys that you've created. Example: tourneys = Binarybeast::Tourney.list
  • Added listpopular to eigenclass. It lists popular tourney. Example: tourneys = Binarybeast::Tourney.listpopular

Version: 0.1.4.pre

  • Fixed a typo in some tests.

Version: 0.1.3.pre

  • Added Eigenclass to Tourney, so you can call Binarybeast::Tourney.load(:id => "").
  • Changed variable names to use underscore naming convention rather than all lower case naming.
  • Added a call function to the Binarybeast module. You are now able to call to make a raw API call to Binarybeast. Returns a JSON parsed array.
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