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RCloud is an HTML5 frontend for collaboratively developing and sharing R scripts
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RCloud: Integrated Exploratory Analysis, Visualization, and Deployment on the Web

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RCloud is an environment for collaboratively creating and sharing data analysis scripts. RCloud lets you mix analysis code in R, HTML5, Markdown, Python, and others. Much like Sage, iPython notebooks and Mathematica, RCloud provides a notebook interface that lets you easily record a session and annotate it with text, equations, and supporting images.

Unlike these other systems, RCloud:

  • lets you easily browse and search other users's notebooks. You can comment on notebooks, fork them, star them, and use them as function calls in your own notebooks.

  • lets you interpret notebooks as web services: your exploratory data analysis are one step away from an automated dashboard.

  • provides an environment in which R packages can create rich HTML content (using, for example, d3 and dc.js).

  • provides a transparent, integrated version control system. In essence, RCloud never forgets what you did. If you need low-level access to RCloud notebooks, you can simply clone the associated git repository. This is because RCloud notebooks are Github gists

Interested? Read the setup guide.

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