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1 parent b978470 commit 2bf6bce7541d739c54feeabc86e0eca89db69c99 Carlos Scheidegger committed Mar 13, 2013
4 .gitignore
@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ js/node_modules
@@ -1,5 +1,77 @@
-Before running RCloud, first install the package, which
-exists in source form inside this directory:
+# Getting it to work
+## Installation requirements
+### Packages
+You'll need a recent version of Rserve. From R, type:
+ > install.packages("Rserve",,"")
+You'll need the following packages from CRAN:
+* Cairo
+* FastRWeb
+* png
+* knitr
+* markdown
+* base64enc
+* rjson
+You'll need the following packages from github (Installing via devtools is the easiest):
+ > library(devtools) # or install.packages("devtools")
+ > install_github("hadley", "httr")
+ > install_github("cscheid", "github")
+### Github authentication
+Rcloud uses [gists]( for storage and Github
+accounts for authentication.
+You'll need to create a
+[github application]( This
+github application will need to point to the location you will deploy
+rcloud (let's assume you're only testing it for now, so
+works). In that case, your application's URL will most likely be
+``, and your Callback URL *must* be
+``. (the host and port needs
+to match the URL, and the path must be `login_successful.R`).
+Then, you need to create a file under your configuration root
+(typically that's `/conf`) called github_info.txt. This file will
+contain the information necessary to connect to the github website and
+API. If you're using, then your file will look like this:
+ your.40.character.client.secret
+The third and fourth lines are the base URL of the github website and
+the entry point for the github API (these might differ in
+[Enterprise Github]( deployments).
+### Will you be hacking on the code? Read on
+If you're just running rcloud, skip this session. If you're going to
+be hacking the code, you'll need to install a recent version of
+[node.js]( Then, in your shell:
+ $ cd rcloud/htdocs/js
+ $ npm install
+This will install the node.js dependencies necessary to create the
+minified javascript files used in Rcloud.
+### Starting rcloud
+The safest way to install rcloud currently is to simply run the
+`scripts/` script. This will reinstall the
+`` package, recompile the javascript files (if you have
+node.js and the necessary dependencies installed), kill any old
+instances of Rcloud running, deauthorize all login tokens, and start a
+new version of Rcloud.
+FIXME: currently `` actually kills all Rserve instances
+via killall. Yes, this is blunt and stupid.
0 code/rserve.R → conf/rserve.R
File renamed without changes.
0 code/rserve.conf → conf/rserve.conf
File renamed without changes.
0 code/setup → conf/setup
File renamed without changes.
10 code/start → conf/start
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
-# script to start Rserve with the configuration FastRWeb/code/rserve.conf
+# script to start Rserve with the configuration FastRWeb/conf/rserve.conf
# add -d if you want to start the debugging version
# honored environment variables:
@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
if [ -z "$ROOT" ]; then ## some auto-detection if ROOT is not set...
for c in /data/rcloud /data/ws /var/www/ws /var/FastRWeb /data/FastRWeb "`pwd`"; do
- if [ -e "$c/code/rserve.conf" ]; then
+ if [ -e "$c/conf/rserve.conf" ]; then
@@ -38,6 +38,6 @@ if [ "$1" = -d ]; then
-# --vanilla is intentional - use code/rserve.R for additional configuration NOT user R startup files
-echo $RBIN CMD ${PRE}Rserve$PX --RS-conf $ROOT/code/rserve.conf --RS-source $ROOT/code/rserve.R --vanilla --no-save
-$RBIN CMD ${PRE}Rserve$PX --RS-conf "$ROOT/code/rserve.conf" --RS-source "$ROOT/code/rserve.R" --vanilla --no-save
+# --vanilla is intentional - use conf/rserve.R for additional configuration NOT user R startup files
+echo $RBIN CMD ${PRE}Rserve$PX --RS-conf $ROOT/conf/rserve.conf --RS-source $ROOT/conf/rserve.R --vanilla --no-save
+$RBIN CMD ${PRE}Rserve$PX --RS-conf "$ROOT/conf/rserve.conf" --RS-source "$ROOT/conf/rserve.R" --vanilla --no-save
@@ -104,7 +104,7 @@ configure.rcloud <- function () {
# until replaced by something more sensible (if at all)
.rc.conf$configuration.root <- Sys.getenv("CONFROOT")
if (!nzchar(.rc.conf$configuration.root))
- .rc.conf$configuration.root <- file.path(.rc.conf$root, "code")
+ .rc.conf$configuration.root <- file.path(.rc.conf$root, "conf")
cat("Using CONFROOT =", .rc.conf$configuration.root, "\n")
.rc.conf$data.root <- Sys.getenv("DATAROOT")
12 scripts/
@@ -1,6 +1,12 @@
-cd htdocs/js; make; cd ../..
+cd htdocs/js;
+if [ -d node_modules ]; then
+ make;
+ echo Skipping javascript build because node.js modules are not installed. Refer to for details.
+cd ../..
R CMD build && R CMD INSTALL rcloud.support_`sed -n 's/Version: *//p'`.tar.gz
killall -9 Rserve.dbg
-rm -f code/rcloud.auth
-./code/start -d
+rm -f conf/rcloud.auth
+./conf/start -d

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