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Q2VKPT mostly relies on the build system provided by Q2PRO. Please read
the instructions below for more details.
Q2VKPT only works with the SDL2 backend. Please refer to config_vkpt for
an example build config.
Q2VKPT provides a CMake file for building on Windows. Unfortunately
it currently does not support compiling the shaders. You can use
the WSL (linux on windows) subsystem to run the linux makefile for
building the shaders using "make compile_shaders"
For building Q2PRO on Linux, BSD and similar platfroms you need to have a C
compiler installed. Recent versions of both GCC (4.x.x) and Clang (3.x) are
Q2PRO client requires libSDL 1.2.x for video and sound output. Both client and
dedicated server require zlib support for full compatibility at network
protocol level. The rest of dependencies are purely optional.
To install the *full* set of dependencies for building Q2PRO on Debian-based
Linux distributions, use the following command:
apt-get install libc6-dev libx11-dev libsdl1.2-dev libopenal-dev \
libpng12-dev libjpeg8-dev zlib1g-dev mesa-common-dev \
liblircclient-dev libcurl4-gnutls-dev
You can exchange libjpeg8-dev with libjpeg62-dev and libcurl4-gnutls-dev with
libcurl4-openssl-dev if you wish.
Users of other distributions should look for equivalent development packages
and install them.
Q2PRO uses a simple build system consisting of a single top-level Makefile and
a build-time configuration file. Configuration file is optional; if there is no
one, Q2PRO will be built with minimal subset of dependencies, but some features
will be unavailable.
Copy an example configuration file from `doc/examples/buildconfig' to `.config'
and modify it to suit your needs. Enable needed features by uncommenting them.
By default *nothing* optional is enabled.
Type `make' to build a client, dedicated server and baseq2 game library. Type
`make strip' to strip off debugging symbols from resulting executables. Type
`make clean' to remove all generated executables, object files and
To enable verbose output during the build, set the V variable, e.g. `make V=1'.
Before you begin, you need to have either full version of Quake 2 unpacked
somewhere, or a demo. Both should be patched to 3.20 point release.
Run the following commands to do a per-user installation of Q2PRO into your
home directory.
mkdir -p ~/.q2pro/baseq2
cp -a /path/to/quake2/baseq2/pak*.pak ~/.q2pro/baseq2/
cp -a /path/to/quake2/baseq2/players ~/.q2pro/baseq2/
cp -a src/client/ui/ ~/.q2pro/baseq2/
cp -a game*.so ~/.q2pro/baseq2/
cp -a q2pro ~/.q2pro/
Then change directory to ~/.q2pro and run ./q2pro from there.
Mouse input on Linux
SDL 1.2.x way of handling mouse input in X11 environment is hardly suitable for
any serious gaming. For optimal control and performance using Linux evdev
kernel interface for reading mouse input is recommended. Enable it by defining
CONFIG_DIRECT_INPUT option in `.config'.
By default, evdev device nodes have permissions that disallow normal uses to
read them. If you are the only physical user of computer, it is safe to change
default permissions of the mouse device node.
To do so, copy `doc/examples/92-direct-input.rules' into `etc/udev/rules.d/',
then run `udevadm trigger' as root. Change `plugdev' group name if needed
(depends on Linux distribution).
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