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Zero Config Phoenix application deployments to Kubernetes via Distilerry and Helm.
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Zero Confing Elixir Deployments to Kubernetes via Distilerry and Helm


Mandrag expects that you have docker, kubectl and helm binaries installed and configured. Currently, It also expects that you have a helm chart in the chart directory.


If available in Hex, the package can be installed by adding mandrag to your list of dependencies in mix.exs:

def deps do
    {:mandrag, "~> 0.7.0"}


Mandrag doesn't require configuation, it'll introspect the parent mix config to derive configuration, and use it's own built-in Dockerfile, but you can override those values as seen below.

config :mandrag,
  # The name of the app and release. Defaults to the :app key in the parent mix project.
  app: :app_name,
  # The docker repo to push to. Defaults to `app_name`.
  docker_repo: "docker_user_name/app_name",
  # The path to the Dockerfile to be used.  Defaults to the Dockerfile inside this package.
  dockerfile_path: "Dockerfile",
  # A map of values that are translated to `--build-arg` arguments.
  docker_build_args: %{key: "value"}
  # The kubernetes context, defaults to your current context
  k8s_context: "docker-for-desktop"

TODO for 1.0:

  • Add default Helm chart for zero conifg standup. (or mabye just create a draft pack?)

TODO for 1.x:

  • Enable clustering for deploys with multiple replicas

Documentation can be generated with ExDoc and published on HexDocs. Once published, the docs can be found at

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