Let Vagrant fire up a MySQL replication network for you to play with!
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MySQL Replication Playground

Welcome to the MySQL Replication Playground, a Vagrant-powered mini-project that lets you run multiple VMs in various MySQL replication configurations.

This is just getting started (plus I'm new to Vagrant and Chef), so things are not yet complete. Currently only a simple master-slave is supported, and you still have to configure the slave manually (details below). The goal is to eventually fully automate the configuration of various MySQL replication scenarios, such as multi-master round robin in addition to the classic master-slave setup.

Firing things up

You should have the following already installed:

  • git
  • rvm (with a Ruby 1.9.3)
  • VirtualBox

If you have rvm all set up, then just:

$ git clone git@github.com:cschmidt/mysql-replication-playground.git
$ cd mysql-replication-playground

If you accept the .rvmrc, that'll do a bundle install, after which you can:

$ vagrant up

This will download the necessary base boxes, launch two VMs (db1 and db2), and install MySQL. You can access each one with:

$ vagrant ssh db1
$ vagrant ssh db2

Configuring the slave (for now)

Until I get replication configuration fully automated, you'll have to manually configure the slave:

  1. $ vagrant ssh db2

  2. Configure and start the slave:

    vagrant@db2:~$ mysql -u root
    db2 mysql> change master to
    master_host = '',
    master_user = 'repl',
    master_password = 'repl_pw',
    db2 mysql> start slave;

That wasn't so hard, now, was it?

Handy shell snippets

See if the slave is running:

mysql -u root -e 'show slave status\G' |grep 'Slave_SQL_Running'