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Welcome to my repository of personal data science(ish) mini-projects.

These activities were completely independent from any of my previous industry or academic sources of funding or research ventures. In these fun, small, weekend projects, I explored and analyzed various sources of data through a range of machine learning algorithms.

The most complete tutorial is contained in the Fantasy-Golf-Forecasting project -- check it out!

My personal favorite mini-project, and the most ambitious, is UFC-Forecasting.

The FIFA Dataset Player Exploration is light on the technical side of things, but it contains some fun exploratory data analysis and charts.

I created this small portfolio when I was learning the basics of data science. The process helped me acquire the skills needed to land an awesome full-time position as a Data Scientist with Fair. As a result, I am currently working on amazing projects; however, they are obviously not available to share publicly.

For more information about me and my current endeavors, checkout my LinkedIn and my personal website.