An Efficient Numeric Template Library for Geometric Algebra
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Project Description

hep-ga is a C++14 library for efficient numeric calculations with geometric algebra. It provides a template class for multi-vectors of G_{p,q} and template-expressions for many operations such as addition, geometric product, inner and outer product.

Installation and Testing

hep-ga is a header-only library which requires no compilation. To install it, use the usual series of commands for autotools-based projects, for example:

./configure --prefix=/usr/local --enable-doxygen
make install

This will generate the Doxygen documentation for this library first and installs it in the second step to /usr/local/doc/hep-ga. The headers are installed to /usr/local/include. You may change these directories by specifying additional options to ./configure. The following command gives you a complete list of available configuration options:

./configure --help

If you want to run the test suite simply type:

make check

A Note for Git Users

If you have obtained the repository of this package which does not contain the files generated by autotools ...

  • first make sure that you have a recent version of autoconf and automake (configure will complain if this is not the case) and
  • run autoreconf -fiv to generate the files which are not under revision control


See doxygen documentation.