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Challenges for ECSC 2019
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Vestatech repository

VestaTech, a fictitious Luxembourgish start-up is in an armsrace with a large international conglomerate to reach for and exploit the resources of a close by asteroid.

This is the repository for all of the challenges related to the first edition of the Cyber Security Challenge Luxembourg (edition 2019).

Join us in this imaginative adventure where not everyone will play fair.

Where to submit your discoveries?

Main Story


Sorted by Technology Readiness Level (note: Some research material might be available through other Vestatech communication channels - i.e. the website, social media, ...).

Vestatech partners research

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Vestatech own research

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  • presentation of the first CSCL 2019 meet-up, deconstructing some challenges.

Complementary ressources:

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