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A mediawiki extension to incorporate real time collaboration using Mozilla's TowTruck project.
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Mediawiki TogetherJS extension

This is a MediaWiki extension which adds real-time collaborative editing using Mozilla's TogetherJS project. It enables real-time collaboration on both the wikitext source for an article, as well as when editing using the VisualEditor.

Developing and installing

For information on installing this extension on a local wiki, please see You might also like to install VisualEditor; for that, see .

Rebuilding TogetherJS

The sources in js/togetherjs.js are built from the TogetherJS sources on github. The history of that file should state how the file was last build, and from what upstream commit. To rebuild, check out TogetherJS from github, switch to the appropriate upstream branch (development happens on the develop branch, and gets merged to master on release), and build as follows:

$ git clone
$ cd togetherjs
$ git checkout develop # or other appropriate branch
$ npm install
$ npm install grunt-cli
$ node_modules/.bin/grunt build --base-url // --hub-url --no-hardlink --dest mw-ext

Then copy the files from mw-ext. Assuming your newly-built copy of togetherjs is in $TJS/mw-ext, change back to this repository and:

$ git rm -rf togetherjs
$ cp $TJS/mw-ext/togetherjs.js js/
$ cp -r $TJS/mw-ext/togetherjs ./
$ git add js/togetherjs.js togetherjs

Note that we don't bother to copy the minified version of TogetherJS, since the Mediawiki resource loader will take care of minifying all of our sources when appropriate.

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