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csv-to-nodelist converts non-null CSV files to edge lists.
CSV files must be non-null. For example,

Name Sex Phone Email Hobby Education
Lun San Cing female +959448005111 Swimming M.B.,B.S 3rd Year
Cing San Dim female B.D.S 3rd Year

The table will output as:

```csv Lun San Cing,female,+959448005111,,Swimming,M.B.,B.S 3rd Year
Cing San Dim,female,,,,B.D.S 3rd Year ```

Replace any separators more than one to one separator
,,,, to ,
,, to ,
If it is tab, replace with one tab

The example csv will be:

Lun San Cing,female,+959448005111,,Swimming,M.B.,B.S 3rd Year<br/>
Cing San Dim,female,B.D.S 3rd Year