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function [C,IA] = nonunique(A,varargin)
% [C,AI] = NONUNIQUE(A,'sorted')
% [C,AI] = NONUNIQUE(A,'stable')
% A complement to MATLAB's UNIQUE function. For a given matrix or cell
% array of strings, this function finds its nonunique members, including
% the first occurence of each nonunique element (which, under a strict
% definition of nonuniqueness, might be exluded), as well as an index
% vector to input "A" such that C = A(IA). This function mirrors UNIQUE
% in terms of sorted/stable output and the output's orientation.
% A Matrix/cell array from which to find nonunique members
% varargin Control on how the output nonunique values are sorted
% <empty>: Nonunique values are sorted
% 'sorted': Same as the <empty>
% 'stable': Nonunique values are not sorted and are in the
% same order in which they appear in "A"
% C Vector/cell array of the nonunique elements of "A"
% AI Indices of "A" to nonunique values such that A(IA) = C
% Last modified by, 05/21/2014
% If "A" is a matrix, vectorize it and find nonunique values of the new "A"
if ~any(size(A) == 1)
A = A(:);
% Make an index vector for all the elements of "A"
indA = (1:length(A))';
% Get the unique values of "A" and their linear indices
[uA,iuA] = unique(A);
% Get indices in the overall index vector of unique values, and NOT these
% indices will be the indices of the nonunique values of "A"
inuA = indA(~ismember(indA,iuA));
% Get the strictly defined nonunique values, which excludes the first
% occurence of nonunique values (since at that point they are still unique)
nuA = A(inuA);
% Get indices of unique values also found among the nonunique values
inboth = iuA(ismember(uA,nuA));
% Combine the previous indices of nonunique values with the indices of
% unique values which are repeated, and use this new index array to find
% the loosely defined nonunique values
IA = sort([inuA(:); inboth(:)]);
C = A(IA);
% To match the UNIQUE function, if the 'sorted' flag or no flag is given,
% then sort the nonunique values in ascending order
if isempty(varargin) || strcmp(varargin{1},'sorted')
[C,sortI] = sort(C);
IA = IA(sortI);
% If no 'stable' flag, then pass an error for improper input (nothing needs
% be done because the nonunique values are already not sorted)
elseif ~strcmp(varargin{1},'stable')
error('Variable input ''%s'' was not of the proper form',varargin{1})