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function lmcosip=plm2mag(lmcosi,r,a,wat,schm)
% lmcosip=PLM2MAG(lmcosi,r,a,wat,schm)
% Converts a (Schmidt-normalized) real-spherical-harmonic array of
% magnetic-potential cosine and sine coefficients into a same-size
% spherical harmonic array with modified coefficients, depending on given
% input and requested output, e.g. for upward and downward continuation,
% differentiation to individual components, and the like.
% lmcosi [l m Ccos Csin] degrees, order, cos/sin potential coefficients
% r Requested radius for the input, in m [default: a]
% a Reference radius for the output [default: 6371200]
% wat 1 output is radial-component field [default]
% 2 output is colatitudinal tangential-component field [default]
% 3 output is longitudinal tangential-component field [default]
% schm 1 change normalization from being appropriate for expansion
% into Schmidt semi-normalized harmonics to being
% appropriate for expansion into 4pi-normalized ones [default]
% Otherwise, keep the normalization as it is.
% lmcosip [l m Ccos Csin] degrees, order, cos/sin coefficients of output
% Written by by, 03/05/2009
% Modified by Jarno Saarimaki, 07/01/2011
% Last modified by, 05/04/2018
% Deafult input values
% Get the spherical harmonic degree
% Precalculate a certain upward-continuation factor
if schm == 1
% Convert coefficients from being expanded into Schmidt semi-normalized
% to being expanded into 4pi-normalized real spherical harmonics
lmcosi(:,3:4)=lmcosi(:,3:4)./sqrt(2*[el el]+1);
% Perform the upward or downward continuation portion first
lmcosi(:,3:4)=lmcosi(:,3:4).*arl2*[1 1];
% Convert to other things
switch wat
case 1
% [Blakely 1995 p. 169 after eq. (8.20)]
disp('Calculating radial field from potential')
lmcosip(:,3:4)=lmcosi(:,3:4).*(el+1)*[1 1];
case 2
% Kono
disp('Calculating colatitudinal tangential field from potential')
case 3
% Kono
disp('Calculating longitudinal tangential field from potential')
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