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function [Lk,Xk]=Lkosl(k,th,params,Hk,xver)
% [Lk,Xk]=Lkosl(k,th,params,Hk,xver)
% Computes the likelihood function for the SINGLE-FIELD isotropic Matern
% model in Olhede & Simons (2013). Always sets the zero wavenumber-value
% of Lk to NaN.
% k Wavenumber(s) at which this is to be evaluated [1/m]
% The zero wavenumber is present but excluded from consideration
% th The parameter vector with elements [unscaled]:
% s2 The first Matern parameter, aka sigma^2
% nu The second Matern parameter
% rho The third Matern parameter
% params A structure with AT LEAST these constants that are known:
% dydx sampling interval in the y and x directions [m m]
% NyNx number of samples in the y and x directions
% blurs 0 Don't blur likelihood using the Fejer window
% N Blur likelihood using the Fejer window [default: N=2]
% -1 Blur likelihood using the exact procedure
% Hk A [prod(params.NyNx)*1]-column vector of complex Fourier-domain observations
% xver Excessive verification [0 or 1]
% Lk A one-column likelihood vector with the wavenumbers unwrapped
% Xk A quadratic piece of it that gets used in the analysis of residuals
% Last modified by, 11/15/2016
% Extra verification?
% Extract the needed parameters of the simulation variables
% We need the (blurred) power spectrum and its ratio to the observations
% The average of Xk needs to be close to one as will be tested
warning off MATLAB:log:logOfZero
warning on MATLAB:log:logOfZero
% Should make sure that this is real! Don't take any chances
% Always remove the zero wavenumber from consideration
% Find the zero wavenumber
% Check that this is correctly done
% Behavior is rather different if this is NOT done... knowing that it
% will not blow up but rather be some numerically large value