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function [fids,fmts,fmti]=osopen(np)
% [fids,fmts,fmti]=OSOPEN(np,npp)
% Opens ALL FOUR diagnostic files for writing by the suite of programs
% following Simons & Olhede (2013), and returns identifiers and format
% strings. Data files are, like,
% 'mleosl_thzro_DD-MON-YYYY', 'mleosl_thini_DD-MON-YYYY'
% 'mleosl_thhat_DD-MON-YYYY', 'mleosl_diagn_DD-MON-YYYY', etc
% np The number of parameters to solve for (e.g. 3, 5 or 6)
% fids A vector of file identifiers
% fmts A cell of formatting strings
% fmti A cell of formatting strings, reverse order of fmts{3}
% OSLOAD, OSRDIAG (with which it needs to match!)
% Last modified by, 06/20/2018
% Who called? Work this into the filenames
% The number of unique entries in an np*np symmetric matrix
% Ouput files, in parallel might be a jumble
% The thruth and the theoretical covariances
% The estimates
% The initial guesses
% The collected optimization diagnostics, replicated some above
% Output formatting for the estimation parameters
if np==3
% s2 nu rho
fmts{1}=[ '%9.3e %6.3f %6.0f\n'];
elseif np==5
% D f2 s2 nu rho
fmts{1}=[ '%12.6e %6.3f %9.3e %6.3f %6.0f\n'];
elseif np==6
% D f2 r s2 nu rho
fmts{1}=['%12.6e %6.3f %6.3f %9.3e %6.3f %6.0f\n'];
% Output formatting for the simulation parameters
if np>=5
% DEL g z2 dydx NyNx blurs kiso quart
fmts{2}='%i %i %5.2f %i %i %i %i %i %i %f %i\n';
% dydx NyNx blurs kiso quart
fmts{2}='%i %i %i %i %i %f %i\n';
% For the time, exit flag, iterations
fmti{6}='%3i %3i %3i\n';
% For the likelihood, first-order optimality, and moments
fmti{5}='%15.8e %15.8e %15.8e %15.8e %15.8e\n';
% For the scale applied to the parameters during optimzation
fmti{4}=[repmat('%15.0e ',1,np) '\n'];
% For the score, the gradient of the likelihood, with np elements
fmti{3}=[repmat('%15.8e ',1,np) '\n'];
% For Hessians, second derivative of the likelihood, with npp unique elements
fmti{2}=repmat([repmat('%15.12f ',1,npp/3) '\n'],1,3);
% For covariance matrices of the estimate
fmti{1}=repmat([repmat('%19.12e ',1,npp/3) '\n'],1,3);
% Lumps some of the formats together
fmts{3}=[fmti{6} fmti{5} fmti{4} fmti{3} fmti{2} fmti{1}];