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Concrete5 / Redactor plugin to create anchors & table of contents (toc) inside the edited text (version 10 of Redactor and tested on Concrete5.7.4RC2).

Please follow the INSTALL to add/register/enable the plugin in C5. Then, a new button having an anchor on it, should appear in Redactor's toolbar.

See images:


  • calculates anchor names from the selected text (if any text is selected), in the format of url slugs
  • allows choosing anchor name (if no text is selected)
  • adds anchors at the start of the current paragraph (be it P, H1, H2...)
  • allows auto generating anchors from all H1,H2...H6 tags found in the text. It generates automatically the anchor names.
  • allows generating a very basic table of contents, based on all found anchors.
  • indicates visually where anchors created with this addon (class="anchors") are in text (Thanks to Karl Dilkington for contribution)
  • allows deletion of all anchors created using this addon (class="anchors"), to start anew.


  • Was not tested in complex HTML, like one that is copy/pasted from Word for example. It was tested only clean HTML. However, Redactor is cleaning any copy/pasted html from Word by default, so we should be safe.
  • Doesn't allow modifying existing anchors in GUI, just blindly adding new ones. For any modification, the HTML view should be used.
  • It adds an empty each time it is used without any pre-selected text. This is probably inoffensive but a bit annoying.
  • there is no automatic registering in Concrete 5.7, it needs altering some files manually.
  • the TOC indentation is really ugly... I have tried with   only, but by default Redactor eliminates multiple &nbsps at saving time, so it was destroyiung the "tree" like structure.


Redactor plugin to create anchors inside the edited text




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