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Uses marked-js to convert markdown to HTML and render it in the browser.
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Yet Another Markdown To HTML Converter

See how you can enable your site with markdown capability

YAM2H demonstrates the conversion of markdown to HTML via JavaScript in a web browser.

  Demo   |     Blog

Markdown, HTML & Results Displayed

  • Write markdown in your browser — or click buttons to generate example markdown for you
  • Click the "Convert" button
  • Another text box displays the generated HTML code
  • The browser then renders the HTML code, displaying the final result


Update: June 22, 2017

Now Using the Google Closure Compiler: The /js folder contains a batch file which runs the compiler and produces For production deployment to a web server this file is manually renamed to app.min.js.

See also: Carl's personal blog article on the subject.

Listing of `./js/cc.bat

REM Google closure compiler settings
REM Breaking long lines requires space, carot (^), newline, space, continue command

java -jar closure-compiler-v20170521.jar ^
 --compilation_level SIMPLE_OPTIMIZATIONS ^
 --js ../../../../libs/syntax_highlighter/js/shCore.js ^
 --js ../../../../libs/syntax_highlighter/js/shBrushJScript.js ^
 --js ../../../../libs/syntax_highlighter/js/shBrushCss.js ^
 --js ../../../../libs/syntax_highlighter/js/shBrushXml.js ^
 --js ../../../../libs/syntax_highlighter/js/shBrushBash.js ^
 --js ../../../../libs/syntax_highlighter/js/shBrushCpp.js ^
 --js ../../../../libs/syntax_highlighter/js/shBrushCSharp.js ^
 --js ../../../../libs/syntax_highlighter/js/shBrushDiff.js ^
 --js ../../../../libs/syntax_highlighter/js/shBrushJava.js ^
 --js ../../../../libs/syntax_highlighter/js/shBrushSass.js ^
 --js foundation/foundation.js  ^
 --js marked-lib/marked.js  ^
 --js clipboard.min.js ^
 --js file-drop/jQuery.FileDrop.all.js ^
 --js app.js ^
 --js_output_file ^
 --externs externs.js  ^

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