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Homework Overflow


Doing physics homework was very frustrating. I would google stuff related to my physics homework problems and only find sites that were pay to use. So I thought why not create a reddit or Stackoverflow like webapp for non programming classes.

What it does

It allows anyone with a google account to post and answer questions on the site. There are upvote features and the ability to search (will be implemented in the front end, already has code in the backend) for questions.

How we built it

We used php/sql for backend storage of data and get requests as well as Google sign in api to let users have a profile. On the front end side we used Angular 4 to create our webapp dynamically.

Challenges we ran into

Hosting the site was a big issue. We tried google cloud sdk, heroku and amazon web services. In the end aws worked so thats what we stuck with. Another issue was connecting our front end and back end code. Php is a bit outdated and Angular is not as supported as other frameworks such as react.js so you can imagine how shaky things were in development these past 36 hours.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to publish our site before the time limit.

What we learned

We probably should of used react.js (lol)

What's next for HomeworkOverflow

Update the CSS and framework. Generally make the site prettier.

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