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Gpredict 2.0

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@csete csete released this 09 Dec 23:37
· 286 commits to master since this release

Binaries for Debian-based systems are available from our PPA or Debian Unstable.

Linux AppImage is a work in progress. So is windows support.

For Mac OS X please try MacPorts or Homebrew.

Changes in Gpredict 2.0:

  • New logo
  • Initial port to Gtk+ 3
  • Import transponder data from Satnogs database
  • Support for multiple TLE sources
  • Improved radio and antenna rotator controllers (no application freeze)
  • Map can be centered around arbitrary longitude
  • Natural sort function for satellite list in module configuration
  • Select a satellite in all views
  • AOS and LOS signalling in rigctl interface
  • Autotrack satellites in a module
  • Support for user defined end stops on Azimuth axis
  • Experimental gpsd support
  • Change frequency and antenna position using the mouse wheel
  • Highlight satellites within range in the list view
  • Improved handling of decayed satellites
  • Fixed application freezing while talking to radios and rotators
  • Fixed incorrect program name in desktop files
  • Fixed 100% CPU load on manual time adjustment
  • Fixed issue controlling Yaesu FT-847
  • Fixed old log files not being saved
  • Fixed track button in rotator controller having no effect
  • Fixed operational status of satellites
  • Fixed wrong icon in time controller
  • Fixed mising ground track for new satellites
  • Fixed show next pass shows the current pass
  • Fixed problems with plotting footprints near the poles
  • Fixed satellite nickname not escaped for Pango
  • Updated translations