@csete csete released this Aug 19, 2017 · 96 commits to master since this release

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New features

  • Airspy HF+ integration.
  • PlutoSDR integration.
  • LimeSDR integration.
  • Restore filter low cut and high cut between sessions.
  • Restore FM parameters between sessions.
  • Restore remote control state between sessions.
  • Support for passband when setting mode through remote.
  • Widget to enter receiver frequency.
  • Button to reset squelch to its default (-150 dB) value.

Bugs fixed

  • Keep waterfall zoom level and zoom slider synchronised.
  • RDS status is not kept while jumping through bookmark.
  • .conf files are deleted when changes are saved.
  • Remote control not working if $http_proxy is set.
  • Audio rec does not work after trying to play deleted file.
  • QtSvg dependency.

Miscellaneous improvements

  • Tuning through the remote control interface.
  • Increase narrow band receiver rate to 96 ksps (for APT).
  • Voiceover interface.
  • Input decimator performance.
  • Increased frequency limit to 999 GHz (500 GHz LO).
  • Hamradio style frequency display.
  • Shorter waterfall time spans.

For Ubuntu and derivatives, see http://gqrx.dk/download/install-ubuntu


  • 2017-08-20: Added Mac OS X bundle