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Rtlizer is a simple spectrum analyzer application written using rtlsdr, kiss_fft and Gtk+. It was originally created as a Beaglebone + rtlsdr demo, but it will probably run on anything with rtlsdr and Gtk+ installed, including a Raspberry Pi equipped with an Adafruit piTFT display.

Beaglebone rtlizer

Rtlizer running on the Raspberry Pi

You can see a short video demo on YouTube:



The source code is located in the src/ subdirectory. You can imply type "make" in this directory and the program should build on any platform where the dependencies are met. The build process will generate a single executable called rtlizer and you can copy this to a location of your choice.

Instructions for setting rtlizer up on specific targets are available for:

  • Beaglebone running Debian 7 console image


You can basically run rtlizer as is in any X11 environment. The default window size is set to 320x240 but can be overridden using X Window System geometry string, e.g.

rtlizer 640x360+0+0

There are also other command line options are available, see rtlizer -h.

You can use the following keys while rtlizer is running:

LEFT    Increase frequency
RIGHT   Decrease frequency
UP      Increase sample rate
DOWN    Decrease sample rate
ENTER   Exit


Rtlizer was written by Alexandru Csete. Uses code from rtl_test by Steve Markgraf. Includes kiss_fft by Mark Borgerding.

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