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My fork and hacks of uvccapture (inactive).
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Uvccapture is a simple application for capturing images from an USB webcam on
Linux. This repository contains my fork and hacks on uvccapture.

My modifications include:
- Sequential numbering of files (img001.jpg, img002.jpg, ...).
- Command line option for number of images to capture.
- Command line option to skip initial frames prior to capturing
- Allow capturing JPG format at any resolution supported by the camera. The
  original uvccapture switches to YUYV mode at resolution 960x720 and higher,
  while many cameras support MJPG at full resolution.
- Allow capture rates higher that 1 frame per second.

The contents of the original README are included below.
The original code that I forked is avaialble under the v0.5 tag.

uvccapture: USB UVC Video Class Snapshot Software
Newest versions always available at

This software is based of the package luvcview:
Copyright (C) 2005 2006 Laurent Pinchart &&  Michel Xhaard

Modifications and updates:
Copyright (C) 2006  Gabriel A. Devenyi <>

This program communicates via the USB UVC Video Class driver for V4L2, available

The purpose of this software is to capture an image from a USB webcam at a
specified interval, and save it to a JPEG file, no other formats are supported,
imagemagick can handle anything else you might need.

Right now this software is really a hack, since still image support is not yet
available in the UVC driver. The program continually polls the UVC driver in
MJPEG mode, and at a specified interval writes a JPEG header and a single frame
to file, creating a JPEG image. Because of this continuous polling, this program
has high CPU usage. Input checking is pretty trusting, so call it with the right

In order for this software to work, whatever device you pass to -d you will need
to have read/write rights to, please see appropriate /dev documentation for how
to do this.

This software depends on jpeglib(present on almost all systems)

For usage information, run uvccapture -h
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