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-- uvccapture 0.4 21.03.2006 --
Lots of changes:
* Added install target in the makefile to install into /usr/local/bin
* Added signal capturing (CTRL-C, etc) to gracefully exit when in wait loop
* Added the ability to specify a command to run after each image capture,
command is run with the output picture as an argument. command can be run
blocking, or non-blocking.
* Added support for multiple verbisity levels (add more -v's)
* Minor output spelling corrections
* Added output of current bright/contrast/saturation/gain on startup.
All these thanks to Salvador Gonzalez <>
* YVYU Capture Mode - now requires jpeglib, activated for images sizes >960x720
allows adjustment of JPEG compression quality (-q) or manually activated (-m)
YUYV -> JPEG code thanks to Philip Heron <>
-- uvccapture 0.3 19.02.2006 --
Removed the JPEG decoding files (util.*) and the calls to convert-frame during
the capture of images. This decoding was only important for SDL display, which
is already gone. Peak CPU usage has gone from ~30% to 0.6%.
Thanks to Philip Heron <> for the suggestion.