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Brief introduction about what sort of things this app would do:

Simple transfer market for football player teams.

  1. Each user is a football team, which has up to 5 players in their team

  2. User could generate random player from very first step

  3. User could sell player with desired price, or buy from other users

Beginning: This tutorial will be covering

  1. Setting up the development environment

  2. Creating a Truffle project using a Truffle Box

  3. Writing the smart contract

  4. Compiling and migrating the smart contract

  5. Testing the smart contract

  6. Creating a user interface to interact with the smart contract

  7. Interacting with the DApp in a browser


1. Development environment

  • Install Truffle: Truffle provides development environment, testing framework and asset pipeline for Ethereum developers

    npm install -g truffle

  • Install Ganache: Personal blockchain to develop in local

2. Create dApp React with Truffle

  • Make directory and moving inside it

    mkdir dapp-react

    cd dapp-react

  • Unbox existing box built for React (try more boxes for practices)

    truffle unbox react

  • Directory structure:

    • /config: Contains Jest config as well as Webpack for development & testing environment

    • /contracts: Contains Smart Contract code (SCC), will be discussed later

    • /migrations: Contains JS code provided by Truffle to migrate and deploy SCC to Ethereum Network

    • /public: Public folder for React codebase

    • /scripts: Scripts used for developing & testing

    • /src: Source code for React

    • /test: Tests for SCC

    Note: Upgrade web3 to version 1.0 since we would need some consistent API further npm install web3 --save

3. Writing SCC

  • ERC20.sol: All required methods and events are declared here since we will use ERC721 as token standard for our app. Imagine its an interface for this standard we will implement further

    pragma solidity ^0.4.21;
    contract ERC20Events {
        event Approval(address indexed src, address indexed guy, uint wad);
        event Transfer(address indexed src, address indexed dst, uint wad);
    contract ERC20 is ERC20Events {
        function totalSupply() public view returns (uint);
        function balanceOf(address guy) public view returns (uint);
        function allowance(address src, address guy) public view returns (uint);
        function approve(address guy, uint wad) public returns (bool);
        function transfer(address dst, uint wad) public returns (bool);
        function transferFrom(
            address src, address dst, uint wad
        ) public returns (bool);
  • PlayerFactory.sol: [TODO]

  • Marketplace.sol: [TODO]

  • Notes:

    • Natspec comment format:


      /// @param food
      function sample(uint _food) public {}

      It will yield error here by compiler (In my case, its Truffle Developer Compiler)

      `DocstringParsingError: Documented parameter "_food" not found in the
      parameter list of the function.`

      So make sure you're using it right.

4. Compiling and migrating SCC

  • Compile SCC with Truffle Developer Console:

    truffle compile

    Truffle will build your SCC into folder /build/contracts and provides lists of JSON files which are called ABI (Application Binary Interface).

    TL;DR: `ABI` is defined as standard way to interact with contracts in
    Ethereum Blockchain, from both inside (contract-to-contract) and outside
    (externally owned account)
  • Migrate SCC:

    Migration in this class means that at first we deploy our SCC to the associated Blockchain to interact with. Next times, its simply replace updated SCC for the current one and make sure we don't deploy same SCC.

    Technically, this phase is replacing our contract's state by newest SCC. Remember that Ethereum Blockchain is still a State Machine that transform from this state to that state.

    Prevent duplicate deployment is done with a Contract called Migrations.sol and script in /migrations/1_initial_migration.js. We need to update script on file /migrations/2_deploy_contracts.js

    var Marketplace = artifacts.require("./Marketplace.sol");
    module.exports = function(deployer) {

    Consider artifacts.require() as require() in JS.

    Because it needs to deploy your SCC to Blockchain or alter state of your contract during next time you update your SCC so you need a running Blockchain. We're using Ganache for this purpose.

    Follow their instructions to run your local Blockchain, get back to terminal and run:

    truffle migrate

    Note: You could get error here if missing Truffle config. If any, update
    `truffle.js` file like below:
    module.exports = {
      networks: {
        development: {
          host: "localhost",
          port: 7545,
          network_id: "*" // Match any network id

    You should see:

    Using network 'development'.
    Running migration: 1_initial_migration.js
      Deploying Migrations...
      ... 0x9a9397da7a053438a4b2f83b3c5b7f8618dce0d0b94e5f88eba79c50e62fce10
      Migrations: 0x8cdaf0cd259887258bc13a92c0a6da92698644c0
    Saving successful migration to network...
      ... 0xd7bc86d31bee32fa3988f1c1eabce403a1b5d570340a3a9cdba53a472ee8c956
    Saving artifacts...
    Running migration: 2_deploy_contracts.js
      Deploying Marketplace...
      ... 0x09d3f45565e313d1d61e075af0027ed529aaa0814cf376f0bab45f4c2afa79b7
      Marketplace: 0x345ca3e014aaf5dca488057592ee47305d9b3e10
    Saving successful migration to network...
      ... 0xf36163615f41ef7ed8f4a8f192149a0bf633fe1a2398ce001bf44c43dc7bdda0
    Saving artifacts...

    And in your Ganache, navigate to Blocks, you could see over first block, there're Contract Creation as our SCC has been deployed successfully.

    Notes: Sometimes Truffle messed up with Ganache, so if you couldn't migrate your contract, try to restart Ganache

    5. Testing the smart contract [TODO]

    6. Creating a user interface to interact with the smart contract

    Error: [ethjs-query] while formatting outputs from RPC

    Reset web3 account (Settings -> Reset Account)