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Welcome to the Spanish Translation of

This is the spanish version of available at at

You can help with the Spanish translation if you have a github account. You can use the github editor to send us "pull requests" whcih we will review and apply.

You can also become a core committer for the project to help review and apply changes to the site as well as apply your own translations directly. The best way to become a core contributor is to start doing some work and after a while, it will just be simpler to make you a core contributor.

We can do most of our communication through github issues and pull requests but if you need to, please contact Dr. Chuck via email.

Your help is greatly appreciated.


  • Book: Preface and Chapters 1-5 are translated
  • Slides: Chapters 1-5 are translated
  • Book Figures: Chapters 1-13 figures are translated
  • Code Samples: Code from Chapters 1-5 is translated
  • Web pages: Very little translated

Areas to Translate

  • The book chapters under the folder book3 - the book is written in Markdown so it is prety easy to edit the book using any text editor. Look for the files that end in '.mkd' and edit the files. Much of the code samples for the book are in the code3 folder and are merged into the book as part of the book production process. Some of code samples that don't work without special configuration are included directly in the book.

  • The code samples under the folder code3 - make sure to syntax check your code after you make the changes. These code snippets are included into the text of the book as part of the book production process.

  • The OmniGraffle figures under figures - these are manually exported into the EPS and SVG formats under images fo inclusion in the EPUB, HMTL, and PDF versions of the book. You will need the OmniGraffle software to edit these figures.

  • The slides under lectures3 are in PowerPoint and need to be translated.

  • The text of the web site in the various .php files in the repository. It will help to know PHP to know what to translate without breaking the files.

Python 2 Book in Spanish

The Python 2 version of the book is already translated into Spanish thanks to Fernando Tardio. ( Fernando also started the translation of the Python 3 book.

You can view it at

It has the same chapters and much the same text as the Python 3 book and you can look at this book if you are interested in good phraseology when describing Python in Spanish.

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