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Introduction to Networking

This is my under-development book on introduction to network technology.

You can view or view the latest version of the book in PDF or EPUB (rebuilt hourly)

To produce the PDF of the book, you will need to install LaTeX on your system. For Linux:

apt-get install texlive-full
apt-get install pandoc

For Macintosh,

To build the book yourself, run

pandoc --default-image-extension=svg --epub-stylesheet=epub.css *.mkd -o x.epub

pandoc --default-image-extension=svg *.mkd -o x.html

pandoc -s -N --toc --default-image-extension=eps -V fontsize:11pt -V documentclass:book --template=template.latex *.mkd -o x.pdf 

Or some similar pandoc command.

You can also run the pdf through LaTeX using


Since the index requires two passes.

You can also generate audio readings of all of the chapters in the audio folder using


If you are on a Mac.

Spell checking:

aspell -c 09-OSI.mkd

The illustrations for this book are being developed by Mauro Toselli and Sue Blumenberg is doing copy editing.

While this is under development, please do not reuse any of this material. The book is Copyright All Rights Reserved - Charles R. Severance and the sketchnote figures are Copyright All Rights Reserved - Mauro Toselli.

When the book is completed and published we will put a more liberal copyright on all of the materials.