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Translating Python for Everybody

These course materials are Creative Commons Attribution and so they can be used as long as they are attibuted properly. I am happy to help those adopting/adapting these materials make sure their acknowledgement is sufficient. I am always excited to learn of new translations and promote them to my students.

All the material for this course (web site, autograders, PowerPoint, textbook, figures for the textbook, assignments, etc) is in this GitHub repository. The only material that is not in github are the videos and I can provide those as well if they need to be hosted behind a firewall or in a country that has banned YouTube.

You could also provide translations on the YouTube channel

My ultimate goal would a series of complete web sites at urls like,, with completely translated user experiences that also function as OER repositories for Python materials in those languages. Of course you do not need to use my urls, but I do want to promote the translations of this material and am happy to point my subdomains at your servers or forward requests at those subdomains to your servers.

I have set this up so you can fork my github repository and begin the translation work. I will be happy to help you get your translated work up and available. I have an automatic build server for the text book that takes your latest book in github and produces the PDF and EPUB and hosts it online at

In terms of licensing, since the book is CC-NC-SA, you do not need my permission to translate, produce, and distributed electronic copies of the book. You do need permission to sell printed copies of the translated book - which I am happy to give as long as the translation is complete and of high quality.

I have detailed instructions as to the copyright of the book at:

So far (and this is not required) those who have translated my book have given me permission to publish their work on Amazon and give the profits to charity. This works well because it makes these translations widely available. Sometimes it is important to separately publish the printed book in a country that is not well served by Amazon - and I very much encourage this - you need my permission and I do not ask for any fee as long as the pricing is reasonable.

Do not feel the need to translate everything in the web site. Many translations simply translate the book. Everything is helpful.

If you are translating the book or web site please let me know so I can coordinate efforts and/or promote your work.

Thanks in advance

-- Chuck

Wed Jul 12 07:31:40 EDT 2017