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Captured PHP Upload Script

This is a simple script that can provide a target for Captured App to upload to any webserver that supports PHP.


  1. Download and modify captured.php's configuration options, setting the upload directory and api token.
  2. Upload the captured.php file to your host, to a directory configured to serve PHP scripts.
  3. Configure with the URL to the script and the API Token you created in step 1.

If you have mod_env avaliable on your host, you might want to pass the token to the script via an ENV variable. This might be done via the .htaccess file:

SetEnv CAPTURED_TOKEN change_this_token
SetEnv CAPTURED_UPLOAD_DIR /home/user/


This script is indtended to be used with Captured App's "Captured PHP" uploader.

For testing purposes you can use curl to test the script directly:

curl -i -X POST \
  -F "token=change_this_token" \
  -F "file=@path/to/test.jpg" \