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Added note about paid version of Captured

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Quick screen capture and sharing for Mac OS X.
+_Note: I have switched my efforts to working on a native Mac version of Captured, which is avaliable on the [Mac App Store]( I recomend it over the ruby version because it is faster, lighter on system resources, and has a slightly diffrent feature set. The native version is a paid app (only 99¢), and the ruby version will always be free and open source. Thanks, Chris_
Screen Capture Sharing Tool
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@@ -3,6 +3,8 @@ captured
 Quick screen capture and sharing for Mac OS X.
+Note: I have switched my efforts to working on a native Mac version of Captured, which is avaliable on the Mac App Store. I recomend it over the ruby version because it is faster, lighter on system resources, and has a slightly diffrent feature set. The native version is a paid app (only 99¢), and the ruby version will always be free and open source. Thanks, Chris
 Screen Capture Sharing Tool

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