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Shift+Cmd+4 Doesn't Work #2

holms opened this Issue May 19, 2010 · 1 comment

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holms commented May 19, 2010


I finally installed this gem thru bloody path on my snow leopard..

First of all these fixes need to be done to install gem itself..

sudo port -v install zlib +universal
sudo port -v upgrade --enforce-variants openssl +universal
sudo port -v upgrade --enforce-variants libidn +universal
sudo port -v install curl +universal

after that gems installs correctly: more info here:

then I had this problem:
Romans-Mac-Pro:~ holms$ captured --install

Installing captured
Found existing config file at /Users/holms/.captured.yml
launchctl: Dubious permissions on file (skipping): /Users/holms/Library/LaunchAgents

maybe it's insecure but whatever..

sudo chown -R holms:wheel /Users/holms/Library/LaunchAgent
sudo chmod 755 /Users/holms/Library/LaunchAgents/com.codeography.captured
sudo chmod 755 /Users/holms/Library/LaunchAgents

after this captured --install executed.

Ok I edited config for my scp. When I enter captured myfile.jpg script asks me for password, although I provided it in config, ok I entering it and it works..
When I try to shift+cmd+4 , growl popups with message that "processing upload", and no result.. is it finished or not,

What's happening?

csexton commented May 19, 2010

Are you seeing any messages in the logs (/Applications/Utilities/ --> All Messages) related to com.codeography.captured or launchd?

You can run captured on a file directly by captured <file> which should upload the file to the server and copy the url to the clipboard, What is the output of that?

As for the upload, can you try the basic imgur settings and let me know of those work:

  type: imgur


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