An auto-generated Material Design Icon package for Flutter.
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Material Design Icons for Flutter

Material Design Icons generated using mdi/fonts SVG font provided by


mdi: 0.1.0


import 'package:mdi/mdi.dart';

class AccessPointButton extends StatelessWidget {
  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return IconButton(
      icon: Icon(Mdi.accessPoint),


The icon names provided via Mdi are camel-cased variants of the original name.

  1. null -> nullIcon
  2. switch -> switchIcon
  3. sync -> syncIcon
  4. factory -> factoryIcon

Want to help?

If you find the icons are outdated or there are bugs to be fixed, just submit a PR.

Also, to generate icon glue-code locally you will be required to install Rust & Cargo. If you already have Rust, run the following on terminal:

$ cargo run